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5 places to visit in Bilbao

Somebody may ask: "Is there any sunset spot in a rainy city like Bilbao?", and we'd say: " Yes, it is!".

As some of the runners that already enjoyed a running tour in Bilbao may know, Bilbao is not only about rain; actually, there are some sunny days during the year, so here we come with five great places which bring the chance to say goodbye to the Sun in those unique days.

City Sunset

Too five sunset spots in Bilbao

Artxanda: The Green Belt tour comes up to this balcony, which is perfect to contemplate the whole city with all the mountains around, such as Ganekogorta, Gorbea or even Anboto. If you want to take it easy, there's a funicular that will take you here in less than ten minutes.

La Salve bridge: Right over the Guggenheim museum, this high bridge will give you a great point of view all along the river, from the Old Town to almost the North side of the city, while the Sun paints the titanium structure in an amazing variety of red and yellow colors, and you let your mind navigate through the river.

Olabeaga: Some people call it the Little Norway, as it's colorful houses can remind of small fishing towns like Bergen. Anyway, this is an area whose renewal process has been based on new bars and terraces right at the riverside; there's no better way to salute the Sun while having a fresh beer on summer!

Pagasarri: This is for brave people. Pagasarri is not a very big mountain, but if you want to see how the Sun sleeps from the top of it, then the way down will be a bit darker than usual. But don't worry! A single headlight will be enough, as the road is wide and safe, and you may see some night animals like deers or foxes running beside you!

Etxebarria Park: We'd say that this is the most preferred sunset spot in Bilbao. From the greenest area in the city, over the Old Town and near the city center, almost at the skyline level, it's possible to see how the Sun goes down slowly, turning off his light while shadows take the roofs, the streets and the hills. We'd say that even dogs and children stop playing, letting silence announce that night has come, and giving the start to a relaxing night...or it could be a party too!

Now it's up to you! You will need only a bit of luck, and if the Sun beats the clouds, you'll be able to give the perfect end to a day in Bilbao.