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Visit Bilbao while running with Running Tours Bilbao

We had a great year in 2017 with with thesse friends

fue una experiencia única! Super informativa y muy entretenida! Ojalá y en otras ciudades pudiera uno combinar conocer una ciudad con el ejercicio!

I spent a week in Bilbao and did all the usual tourist-y things: Guggenheim, Museo Bellas Artes, Hop-on-Hop-Off Bus, Bilboats, Gran Casino, La Ribera Market, Azkuna Zentroa, and probably a few more. But I can say without any doubt, this was the BEST thing I did all week there. So many of the museums and tours (e.g. Guggenheim, HoHo Bus, Museo Bellas Artes, Bilboats) have robotic audioguide tours. So these guys having an in-person tour guide is already an immediate head start for them. Now add in the fact that 1. it's a private tour 2. running around and experiencing all the beauty of Bilbao 3. the tour guide is a super knowledgable and funny guy (the one I had is actually a writer for a TV joke quiz show in Spain) It's no surprise at all that this was a winning model. And when it was all done, they emailed me a followup of: 1. links to interesting things we discussed on the tour so I wouldn't forget 2. recommendations for places I haven't seen in Bilbao yet 3. a video of me having so much fun on my run As we said to the pilgrims we passed on the running trail, Buen Camino!!! :D Cannot recommend this highly enough :)

I had a great time learning about Bilbao through this tour. I selected the 15k tour (our route was a bit shorter overall, around 13k) and had a lovely time. I suggest doing this one of your first days in the city as it is a great way to get your bearings and learn about important sites. Would definitely do it again in another location :)

My husband and I opted for the Bilbao in a tour which was about a 60 minute ish run through the the city. Our tour guide, Enico, was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and humorous. This is well worth the money. We got pictures, a video, hats, and water plus protien bars. Also, we knew where we should run on the days we had remaining in Bilbao! Enico sent us a follow up email with restaurant recommendations based on what we had told him we liked. Very personalized service. I wish this company was in every city we visited.

Wat een leuke manier om Bilbao te ontdekken. De combinatie van actief bezig zijn, dichtbij komen en de aanvullende informatie van de gids, maakt een runningtour een musthave voor iedereen die op actieve manier Bilbao wil leren kennen. Aitor thanks for the great route and comments.

My wife and I came to Bilbao to celebrate our honeymoon. As a way to get acquainted with the city, we signed up for a running tour with Running Tours Bilbao. Aitor met us at our hotel promptly at the scheduled time. He showed us the city and explained some of the rich history of the area. After the run, Aitor promptly supplied us with pictures from our run as well as a list of some places to go and things to do. Out of all the tours we have been on throughout the world, this is the most memorable one by far! Thank you Aitor and the Running Tours Bilbao Team!!!

The tour was given to my husband as a gift, and what a gift. His guide Eneko was very accommodating, knowledgable and a great tour guide. He was able to choose what hewanted to see, but also discover some gems he would never have discovered. The real gem was the take home video on You tube. Loved every minute!! Just do it