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5 running routes to know Bilbao while running

In one of our latest posts we suggested 5 races to know Bilbao while running, justin case one of them is celebrated during your time in Bilbao. If you love running or trail running, if your shoes go with you wherever you go and if you like to run anywhere you are, we want to make your stay in Bilbao easier: here you have some routes to discover the most interesting points while you run free in our city.

Sightseeing Bilbao

5 running routes to know Bilbao

We´ll show you these routes divided in two groups. In one hand, there are some asphalt routes, and in the other hand, if you feel strong and you´re willing to enjoy an adventure, there are two routes through the mountains around Bilbao with some great views. The most important thing is not trying to do bigger efforts than you´re able to. 

Track are available in .gpx and .kml formats:
  1. Bilbao Green Belt, 30 km. and 2000 m+
  2. Bilbao - Puente Colgante, perfect for an early route on Sunday morning. 23 km.Ruta Bilbao - Puente Colgante recomendada para un domingo o festivo a primera hora de la maƱana. 23 kms.
  3. A classic route in Bilbao: Bilbao - Zorroza - Bilbao. 10 km.
  4. 15 kilometers through some areas out of touristic maps.
  5. Bilbao from North to South. 15 km.
And if you don´t want to run alone, and you´d like to know about the places you´re going through, don´t hesitate and contact us. We´ll be glad to share our passion for running and our city!