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5 races to know Bilbao while running

Every year, more and more tourists come to Bilbao. According to the information brought by Bilbao Turismo, in 2015 813.357 travellers came to our city, which means around 1,5 million overnight stays. People who stay in Bilbao use to enjoy the typical local character, culture, food and shopping. After these activities, some may have eaten too many pintxos in the Old Town, so it would be good for them to know five races that could help them to feel better.

Bilbao Tourism

Five best races in Bilbao reccomended for tourists

We´ve chosen these races because there´s a great running atmosphere in them, and also because they are a great showcase for Bilbao and its environment. In this list you´ll find four asphalt races and a trail running one; the trail circuit we´ve mentioned goes through the Green Belt around Bilbao which many tourists have chosen to run with us in the last two years. 
Of course, there are more races around Bilbao, so we could add them and anybody would enjoy them for sure!