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5 questions customers make to our tour guides

When coming to Bilbao, our customers wish to know a new city, and they expect to listen about curious stories, get some information about the best places to see during their stay at the city... As tour guides, those are things we must tell them, but there are always things they want to know before we talk about them, or just because we´re not going to talk about it they decide to ask as about it. In this post, we´re going to show which are the most popular five questions we use to answer during a tour.

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what our customers want to know about us?

Is it Basque or Spanish the most spoken language in Bilbao? 
Euskera or Basque language is the most important thing in the Basque culture. That language sets a very important base for our culture. Anyway, due to some facts like workers who came to the Basque industry in the 50´s and 60´s from differents parts of Spain, or the prohibition to speak Euskera during the dictatorship, not everybody is able to speak Basque. Moreover, possibly big cities are the place where Basque language is less used. But nowadays, a big effort is being done in order to protect our language and let more people learning it. And Euskera can be seen in signals and many places on the streets.

Are you working full time as tour guides? 

We´d love to do so, it would be our dream, we´d be the happiest guys in the world,! Unfortunately, Running Tours Bilbao hasn´t grown enough to bring us a good salary. All the money we earn is invested in material, like shoes, t-shirts, or the great sweatshirts we´ve recently created. Sergio works at a foundation whose goal is to prepare young people for their first job, both in our country or abroad. Aitor works at TV, and he writes lots of questions for a TV quiz, so he keeps a lot of good information in his head!

How many tours do you do every year? 

As we´ve said before, Running Tours Bilbao is not (still!) as strong as it should be to let us earn a good amount of money. We´d need to run almost every day, but since the activity was created we´ve had more customers every year. More or less, this year we´ve done around ten tours, and we´ve had around twenty runners enjoying Bilbao. That´s enough to pay the insurance tax, the web domain, and some other essential things.

How long have you been doing this activity? 

We´re on the way to celebrate our first lustrum as Running Tours Bilbao tour guides. Our activity started back in 2012, January. Now, we look back at all the work we´ve done and we try to count all the time we´ve invested on it, and it´s great to see how things are working, and even improving step by step. We can´t remember the names of all our customers, but we could tell something about each of them as we read their names. Cormac was the first, a family of four was the last, and between them, couples, lonely travelers, Finnish national basketball team supporters...they all have enjoyed Bilbao with us, and we´ve also enjoyed lots of kilometers with them!

What´s that?! (Look at the picture below). 

As tour guides, we´re ready to explain anything about Bilbao...Well, maybe we should say "almost everything". We just try to show our city, which we´re proud of, and so we read articles and lots of information about the places we show on our tours. But there´s a very special thing which we´re not still able to explain properly. It´s called "Ovoid Variant of the Spheres´ Desemplacement". Just translating this name is already tough, so explaining the meaning of it is something we still don´t get to do. The author, Jorge Oteiza, was a prestigious artist who created this work as something that lets people "breath the emptiness through different forms". So now, you know it! Sure you won´t need to ask about it when you come to Bilbao...

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