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Summer has come to Bilbao, it´s true

Have you ever read anything about Bilbao? If you did so, I guess you heard about rain in Bilbao...Well, even if it rains a lot, Sun shines in Bilbao too. That´s why we´d like you to come to our lovely town, make some plans, and of course, make a little run with us. Because there´s no better way to know the best spots in Bilbao...isn´t it true?

siete calles bilbao zazpi kaleak

Last year we met a lot of people from Finland, as they came to support their team during the Basketball World Cup. There´s no World Cup this year, but there are things that remain the same every year: more than food and museums, every year more and more people comes to Bilbao, so it´s nice to see how many diffrent people walks the streets of Bilbao these days. 

If you want to meet people, we´re sure that the Old Town will bring you the chance to do so, as it´s usually too crowded with people tasting the best of our gastronomy. But there are many other ways to meet people while you visit Bilbao. Running Tours Bilbao offers a great variety of circuits to show you the best places of our city, which can be done in groups. That´s the way you could meet more people...

And if you´re looking for special events to enjoy while you see Bilbao, music will start to be heard soon, as there are only a few days remaining for the start of the BBK Live Festival 2015. Further on, in September, the Red Bull diving series will take the best divers to Bilbao, who will show their best jumping beside the Guggenheim from more than 25 m. high! 

We´ve given you just a couple of options, but there are as much as you want to find. So you just have to find an excuse, and come to Bilbao this summer, and of course, don´t forget your running shoes!