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Running Tour - Ben, ven a Bilbao

His first time in Bilbao was almost twenty years ago, and now he's back! It's not usual running with someone who already knows the city, but our friend Ben did know Bilbao...well, let's better say "the Old Bilbao".

Running Tour

St James Way Tour

He once knew the industrial and dirty city which has become in a nice touristic place, and today he's had the chance to compare his memories with today's city. That made him understanding easier the evolution of Bilbao.

Moreover, we've had a great weather. Yes, a sunny and hot day on March! Lucky guy, no doubt about it.

And about the circuit, he chose St. James Way, not for a special reason, but I'm sure that the spirit of pilgrimage is now inside him, so one day he'll probably take his bag and start walking...who knows...

It's been a great morning, and once again, we've shared Bilbao in our own way, of course, running.

Thanks Ben for trusting us, and enjoy Sunny Bilbao, it's a once in a lifetime chance!