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Thanks Suomi!!!

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again Suomi! We just can say great things about these days, which has been the best time for Running Tours Bilbao so far.

We´ve met great people as we always do, but it´s been very special being part of the great ambience that we´ve enjoyed in Bilbao these days. Finnish people have made Bilbao a different city. One finnish fan told me in the underground that you wanted to make us feeling proud of you, of your behavior, of the way you support your team, of how you respect people and the place you stay at...and you did it great!

We usually have reservations just two days earlier, but this time we knew some of you were going to come since the week before. That made us waking up full of strength each and every day during this Basketball World Cup. Moreover, you spread your passion for your team and we were feeling part of  the Susijengi.


Great things can be said about you, but let´s just say thanks again. Don´t forget us, as we won´t forget you. Maybe someday, somewhere, we´ll run together again. Thanks Suomi!!!