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After several hours standing up, there´s nothing better than...


BBK Live Festival is about to start. This week, big groups will play loud from the top of Kobetamendi, and Bilbao will get full of music fans who want to enjoy the most popular festival in Bilbao. Lots of hours standing up, jumping, dancing and drinking are worth when you want to see your favorite groups. But the next day uses to be hard, as the body feels pain in some places, and headache wakes you up and stays with you for a long time.

From Running Tours Bilbao, we want to be solidaries and we´ll offer you a good therapy that will help you to recover from the previous days hangover.

Two years ago, Cormac did a tour with us, just after a crazy night at the festival. So, if you were thinking that our proposal is just a joke, we must say that we´re talking seriously. After so many hours of standing up, the bestp resent for yourlegs will be a running tour.

Still have doubts? Don´t hesitate, and try!