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What Rhonda didn´t expect to find in Bilbao

Rhonda, coming from Australia, was the first runner that chose to do our "Modernism Traces" circuit. It was the big test for our latest and newest circuit, and it was great! Even if there are also things that can be improved...

Weather was greater than Friday, when we had Geoff nad Mili running under the rain...and at 8.00 a.m. in the morning, Sunday, the streets were all for us. Alhóndiga, Campos Theatre, Guridi building...and so many points of interest which have been very interesting for Rhonda. Moreover, she has brought me some information about Modernism. For example, we didn´t know nothing about Charlie Rennie Maackintosh when we desgined this tour, but she has told me that this Scottish architect has made several important works following the same style of the buildings that we saw today.

As it was the first time, I thought that the ciruit would be about 7 km. long, but really we have made 9 km. so at in the end we were very happy with our mark!

At the hotel, Rhonda´s husband was waiting for us and he has taken a picture of us. He has told me that he´s a cyclist, not a runner, anyway, they´re big sports fans who irradiate lots of energy!