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Mission accompplished!

Some days ago we asked you for help in one of our posts. We needed to design a new tour from Las Arenas to Bilbao, where the Puente Colgante would be the first point of interest of the circuit. After that, all the industrial heritage of Bilbao and surroundings would be the star.

The industrial past of Bizkaia is a big story to tell, and anyone would love it. The river it´s been the perfect axis for all the factories setted in both sides of it. Iron, ships...This production brought reachness to our country, then it suffered a big crisis, and nowadays, there´s remaining just a little part of what one day was the engine of Bizkaia.

We must say that this circuit is about 15´5 km. long, so it requires a little better shape than other tour that we offer. Anyway, is all flat and we´re sure that many of you can do it if you try!

Here you have a little description of the tour, and we hope to be running through it soon with all of you, dear tourists!

ruta las arenas puente colgante bilbao margen izquierda