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Grey days can be colored by nice people

Today we´ve had our first two runners with us! Geoffrey and Mili, coming from Zurich, decided to do our "Bilbao in one Race" circuit today. 

6.30 a.m. It´s hard to wake up. I look through the window: it rains and it´s a bit cold outside...It´s a typical grey day in Bilbao. I go out of home, feeling my belly really heavy after breakfast, which makes it hard to run fast. But I don´t want to be late...Finally, I arrive to the hotel where I meet Geoff and Mili, and everything turns better.

It doesn´t matter anymore if it´s raining, and I forget about my belly. It´s time to enjoy Bilbao with more running lovers! So we go through Gran Via. Weather doesn´t invite people to go out of home, so we run comfortably and we get to the City Hall. At that moment, it starts to rain hard, we start to run up to Etxebarria Park, and the great views reward the big effort. After that, it becomes quite esasy to run down to the Old Town. Santiago Cathedral, New Square...we talk about the widement of Bilbao during the XIX century, and finally we get to the left riverside back to the hotel. 

Casually, they know a bit about soccer, so I get the chance to tell them about how Athletic Club was created near the Guggenheim Museum.

Once again, I can only say good things about Geoffrey and Mili. They´re really kind people, and they´ve enjoyed running in Bilbao as much as I´ve enjoyed knowing them and showing them our city!