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Variety of topics...

A few days ago we spoke about a 6 year old girl who ran her first half-marathon. My mate Sergio and I had different points of view about this case. He thinks that is not as bad as I said it is. Anyway, we both mentioned that kind of parents who want their children be as successful as they wanted to be in their youth. 

Today, some newspapers filled a few lines about Joy Johnson, the 86 year old women who finished her 25th New York Marathon on Sunday. Unfortunately, she died two days after the race. She fell down while running, hit her head, and probably that´s been the reason of her death. There were 31 runners over the age of 80 in the NY Marathon, and this could also be a good topic as it was the little girl´s one. We could talk about the limits of our body, and how much we should force it.

And finally, I´ll repeat one of the topics that I´ve most repeated in my last posts: Behobia - San Sebastian 2013. My next post will be the tale of the race, and I´m really anxious for Sunday to arrive. Under these lines you can see a video with some topics for Sunday, and I´ll try to think about them. And specially the most important one which says that is a race to enjoy while feeling embraced by the big crowd!