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Ultimate frisbee

Today, as I was walking home, I´ve found a group of young girls and boys playing with frisbees. But it wasn´t just the single frisbee game that we´ve always played at the beach. Ultimate Frisbee is a new sport in Bilbao, and a team called "Diskolaris" is trying to attract people for their team, as they explain in their website.

It´s a young team, but they´ve already played in some tournaments, and they´re getting ready for new goals. By the way they train in Etxebarria Park, one of the interesting points in our "Bilbao en Una Carrera" circuit, they invite people to play with them and learn about Ultimate Frisbee.

I´ve decided to do this post about it because it´s nice to see how sports have an evolution, and while you combine some of them, new modalities are born. But there´s also another reason to talk about this topic today. Among the seven players that each team usually has, there´s one called...runner! Therefore, we all runners can be good at Ultimate, as long as we´re skilled with frisbees...are we?!