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Premonition is what happens to me everytime I run by the side of the river in Bilbao. From the Zubizuri Bridge to the City Hall Bridge where I use to stop running, I imagine that I´m running in the middle of a crowded street, getting closer to the finish if it was the Behobia - San Sebastain race! 

That´s my goal since last month when I started running frequently again. Every runner that I find is like other competitors running the same race, which I try to catch to see what my level is. And for the moment, there´s no faster runner than me there...
Anyway, I don´t mind how fast I run, or how good my final time is. I just have that race on my mind, and that´s what I´m getting ready for. I feel better than ever, even if I sometimes feel a little pain of the injures I had before summer. 
There´s only one month remaining, and I´m a little anxious to start running those 20 km. which some friends have told me that are really magic...but I won´t go too fast and I´ll enjoy every run until then!