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Lack of fat

It´s autumn, days are shorter and night comes earlier now. Weather is colder now, so it fits much better to what I like for running. Anyway, sometimes I miss having a bit more of fat inside me.

Since I run, my body has changed, and I´m three kilos lighter of what I used to be two years ago. Because of that, sometimes I find places in my body where there´s only skin and bones. No muscle, no fat, just skin and bones. It makes it easier to run faster, but I guess that it also makes it difficult to stand cold weather, specially when winter comes.

Today I´ve felt a little cold while running, so if until last week I complained for south wind and excessive hot, now I´ll complain about cold. Well, I´m joking...anyway, it´s a pity that my body can´t keep fat better so that it keeps me warmer.

To end up, just say that times go fast, and there are only twelve days remaining for Behobia 2013, the goal that I set in summer. It´s curious how my mate Sergio and me love showing Bilbao while running, while our first goals for this season are Behobia and the Marathon of Donostia. But after those races, we´ll be back in Bilbao ready for more kilometres in our city!