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St. James Way & sunset

Feet looking to the west, and eyes looking everywhere. Body losing energy, and head enjoying the sights. Running up to a hill, and sun going down. That´s St. James Way in Bilbao at the end of a beautiful day.

No matter how noisy the city is, today I´ve run through a place which is just the opposite of what I like. But sunset has made it special, and today I´ve enjoyed running in the city. Just as we want more runners to do when coming to Bilbao: starting in BegoƱa, and through the old town, they can get to the same place where today I´ve seen the sea at the same time that high mountains like Anboto where getting a nice and soft blue color, and a big ship was coming in to the city as in the old times.

Ship in Canal de Deusto

Feeling like a pilgrim, but moving a little bit faster. Is there any better way to end up the day?