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Four feet run longer than two

It's been a long time running alone The last time that I run with my mate Sergio was in June, and today we met again to set the road on fire!
It's very nice to feel some things again: being tired it's not a problem, he sets the rythm and I just have to follow him; bad thoughts stay out of my head, he always tells something more interesting; I want to run Behobia-Donostia in 1 h 20 ', he tells me that I have to work much more, or I'll never do it.
This doesn't mean that we'll run together every day, but I'm glad to run together again, it seems completely different and easier. And I still hope to meet more of my runner-friends in the next weeks. Summer is coming to the end, kids are going back to school, it's time to go back to work, and a new running-season starts, so it's also...running-time!