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Wheels, faster than feet

These days I'm having a short rest in a little town called Milagro, in Navarra. All my life I' ve done hundreds of kilometres around this place riding a bycicle. I almost haven't cycled out of here.

As I'm here and weather is sunny, fields are green and I love all the fields here, this week I have run only one day. I did about 8 km., and they seemed to be quite long. Not only because of the temperature, which was around 30°C. They seemed much more because I've got used to the high speed of going over two wheels. Even tired, with the bycicle I never go slower than 25 km per hour. When running...that speed is more than a dream.

And of course, the total distance done these days it's more or less the same that I would do running six days.

While I write this post, I'm still recovering from the big effort done this afternoon. I feel as if I have been running for 25 km. But this time, over my bycicle, I've done it a little bit longer...