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Trail running, hobby and master

As a runner, I´m still young. It´s been less than two years since I started running. And a few months ago, I started to change my running shoes for my trail running shoes. It meant a big change for me, a completely different way of running while you get in touch with nature.

This week I´ve read about the things that some people have learnt with trail running. Here you have a few of them: trail running is the best way to enjoy nature; even if your legs say "stop", your mind says "go!"; your biggest enemy is you; easy roads take you nowhere...

These things are something that I also believe, but another way we can see them is that they refer to life itself. I´ve learnt all those things, and I´ve also learnt that the most you suffer, the bigger price you get. I also think that "I can´t" actually means "I don´t want to". And if you trust yourself, anything it´s possible.

If you don´t try, you never win. And if you run, you already win something, because there´s a lot of people who didn´t dare to run. Apply all of them to life, and you´ll get much more things that if you don´t. Sure.

And which are the things that you´ve learnt with trail running, or even running?