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Top five of things that I always do while I run

What about the little obsessions that we all have? Running is not an exception, and it´s also a good moment to give way to some of them. Here I tell you a few things that I always do while running, and I´m sure that you´ll agrre with me in some of them:

- Banana and chocolate before running. It´s been only a few times that I´ve never eaten these two things before having a run. And even if I´ve had a good meal instead of chocolate and banana, I can´t stop thinking that I´m going to spend all my energy and be unable to run.

- Tie my shoes. I´m sure that you all do this before running, but do you tie your shoes only once? Well, at this point is where my obsession appears. I usually tie my shoes two or three times, until I feel them perfectly tighten. Many people say that "nothing is perfect"; I say that "nothing is perfect, except my shoes when tied.

- Keys, keys, keys... It happens that sometimes when I go on running I´m alone at home, so I close the door, and take the keys with me. I don´t like too much to take the keys with me, because the noise that they do is like a rythm-marker. Not a beautiful sound...Anyway, and specially when I get tired and need something that helps me keeping the same speed, my keys help me, and their sound gets deep into my head.

- One, two, three, one, two, three...Tiles on the street are also a good rythm-marker, even better than keys! But when I run I like to empty my mind, and this little obsession doesn´t help me with that goal. For example, when there are six grey tiles and a black one, I sometimes start stepping three times between the black tiles, and if I give four steps, I realize that I need to speed up. But counting all the time is quite disgusting...and I must do a big effort to forget about numbers!

- Necklace. I have a necklace. It´s always with me, even if I sometimes don´t feel it. But while I´m running, it always appears, even if I try to hide it under my t-shirt. That lovely necklace jumps from my neck to my face, and there´s always a moment that I can´t stand it anymore and I start trying to put it under my t-shirt again. Anyway, that´s almost impossible, and finally, specially during long runs, I do forget it and just run without thinking on it.

Which are your little obsessions? Tell us about them!