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My 3 favorite actresses...running

Yesterday we wrote about actors, and today is women´s turn. Here you have my top 3 of female runners on big screens:

Number 1 is...Lisa Kudrow. I think that if we put her a Bilbao. Open Tourism t-shirt, there wouldn´t be any better advertsiment than that. Everybody would look at him, and when they saw the t-shirt, every person around her would ask "what is BOT?"...or maybe they would just ask "who´s that girl?!"

Number 2 is...Marion Ramsey. The next video doesn´t show any scene of her running, but I think that everybody who has seen this movie remembers how she ran to the wall and tried to jump over! In the video you can see how she is, and if you find the scene that we´re talking about, show it to us please!

Number 3 is...Robin Wright. Known as Jenny in Forrest Gump, she showed to the world that she would be a great runner, and porbably a good trail-runner. You´d probably ask why...well, who could go so fast in the water with such a long skirt? With shorts and a good pair of Salomon shoes she would be unbeatable!