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"Paranoid refers to paranoia, a thought process that typically includes persecutory beliefs"
Consequently, maranoid refers to maranoia, a physical process that typically includes injury beliefs. 

This definition is something that I´ve learned the past week. As Kosta Trail ´13 gets closer, all the runners that are going to run it take care and try not to get hurt during the weeks before. Is probably one of the most beautiful races in the Basque Country, and it´s also very hard. A proper workout is required in order to endure all the way through 30 km. of cliffs, sand and forests. 

But last Thursday, I started to suffer what some people call maranoid; for me, it´s just an injury. After a hard way up from 0 to 350 m. when I started to go down on my way back home, I started to feel pain on my right knee. It was a mild pain, so I slowed down for a while, and tried to take the rythm again. But the pain increased, and it went up to the right side of my hip. It increased step by step, and the bad point of the situation was that it started to rain, wind started to blow, and I was getting very cold. So I decided to stop and go home...
When I told this to some friends, all of them told me that it wasn´t important. They encouraged me to take care and run the 9th of June. Anyway, I´m not completely sure of nothing.
When walking, I still feel something extrange in my hip. And today, after a 10 kilometres test, my hip seems to be well but not my knee, so I have big doubts about taking part in the race.
At this point, tomorrow will be the big day. Tomorrow I´ll decide what to do, so I hope to feel better than today and see myself able to end Sunday´s race.