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Experiential Tourism

As you all know, sightrunning is quite a trendy experience nowadays. Many cities around the world offer this kind of city tours, so you can know new places in a different way. This trend is just one between hundreds of new ways to do tourism, known as experiential tourism. This way, doing tourism becomes different of the typical guided tours, or the boring visits to the most popular places. By the way, is much easier to know new people, because usually locals are the ones who will show you the place you´ve travelled to. As we live in a globally connected world, there are so many online platforms which offer this new way of tourism, and of course, we are trying to bring more tourists to Bilbao using some of these websites. Here you have a few examples of what we do:

- Vayable: It offers unique experiences around the world. Here, anybody can become a guide if he or she has something to show in the city. When they contacted us, we didn´t hesitate about this fact, as we saw that it can be a great chance to open Bilbao. Open Tourism to the world. They trusted us to be part of their group, and we´re ready for it!

- Trip4Real: This Barcelona-based team looks for people who want to enjoy his / her passion and share it with others. This is just what we do in BOT, so here we had another chance to share our running tours in Bilbao with people coming from abroad.

- GetYourGuide: A worldwide company which offers reliable services for tourists. We´ve already had the chance to talk with one of their workers, who helped us setting our experience on their website. The same passion that we feel for running, is what they feel for bringing tourists the chance to design exciting trips around the world and in every place that they stop.

- TravelBasqueCountry: This one is the only platforms only about Basque Country. Last week we had a meeting, so we talked about what we offer and what they want to offer. We found out that we both love Bilbao, so they chose our company to be one of the experiences in the city. Even if they are still about to start working properly, Travel BasqueCountry looks like  it´s going to become important for Basque tourism.   
And their success, could be ours!

Finally, we must say that all the tours offered in this platforms are the running tours for Saturdays, which you can get for only 15 € at 8.30 a.m.