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Bilbao. Open Tourism is changing his name

Is quite easy to realize that Bilbao. Open Tourism is something related to tourism. That´s why our webpage is A little bit more difficult is to guess that BOT is a running tours experience. The name doesn´t make big sense with that. Nevertheless, our profile on Twitter says Running Tours Bilbao, so this way anyone who reads it can easily know what our activity is about.

Is very important to meditate about the name of an activity in order to make it easy to understand what is it about. The name must describe the experience properly in just a few words. Considering that Bilbao. Open Tourism is mostly based on the Internet, because that´s the way that we get easier to our clients, chosing the proper words for our name is something basic. This fact will allow people to find us in Google, and also in the different platforms we appear on, as TravelBasqueCountry, Vayable or TripAdvisor.

But after having met some tourists since April - Toon and Isabelle, Vera and Carmen, Nadav and some others - there´s something in common between all of those tours. None of those days sun has ran with us, and in two of them at least rain made its appearance. Even in races as Kosta Trail ´13 we´ve had the same weather. In the last months, I´ve almost never run with dry conditions.

We haven´t had any problem with rain until now, because runners usually love to run in the rain. But we´re getting tired of the bad weather we´re having last weeks in Bilbao, and as our tours have been mostly done in rainy days, I think that since today we can be called Bilbao. Open Umbrella, Raining Tours Bilbao. Because the name must describe the experience properly.