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3 weeks rest

Last 9th of June I ran my longest race ever, the Kosta Trail 2013. Bad weather and an injury made it hard, but I had big fun. And now, after three races, lots of kilometres, slopes,,,it´s time to take a rest.
Since I started running frequently, I´ve had little trouble with my knees. In October, I ran the Bilbao Night Half-Marathon, and the previous weeks I had to take care of my left knee. It was my first race ever, and I ended it in one hour and a half. I got so excited with the ambient around the race, so in that moment I  absolutely realized that running was something that I love. 

A few months later, I ran the I Bilbao Mendi Trail. That day, the biggest problem that I had was because of allergy, but I managed to end the race. At that moment I was starting to think that I probably prefer to run in the mountain more than in asphalt.

And last weekend, I took part in the Kosta Trail ´13. I had real fun! Rain, wind, mud on the floor...every fact in that race made me enjoying it so much, and it became the perfect end to what it´s been my first running season. 
My knees were asking for a rest since one month ago, and I still did a big effort to ran last Sunday. But as it´s always good to listen to our body, I know that stopping for a while will be good for me. I´ve decided to stop for about three weeks, and after this period, I´ll start to run again, hoping to feel totally recovered.
And I´m pretty sure that I´ll be anxious to run again! Someone told me yesterday that in two weeks there´s a nice 23 km. trail around Bilbao, and I thought "Oh! Let´s run!" and inmediately my knees said "Not please!". And here I am, amassing energy and waiting to put on my running-shoes again...