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Trail running: a new experience for a new runner

I still feel embarrassed when I say it out loud because I believe that the right to have such a respectable name must belong to those who have practiced the sacred sport for ages and not to me: a woman who has been running just for the last two years. However, I am a runner. I love running, there is no doubt about that and running has become a part of who I am.  Slowly, I am starting to accept my inner runner
In my case, it all began a couple of years ago when I was living in Bangkok. During this time I have managed to improve my technique, run longer distances, strengthen my muscles and adjust diet habits. Moreover, as most runners, I have found myself surrounded by all types of gadgets and season clothing ready for any weather change. Despite all that, I still consider myself a new runner, (a total rookie, even!) and I keep looking at other runners with serious respect and getting impressed when running buddies share their achievements and stories about how running changed their lives. 

That is why, in my eyes, runners like my friend Sergio have always been unreachable machines with whom going for a run was… just unthinkable. They were a different sort of human beings: able to run (and finish them in an awesome time) full marathons, masters in trail running and experts in technique and motivation. Somehow, I never thought that I could reach such level as to train with such characters.

Nevertheless, runners tend to be curious beings. We want to discover new modalities, try our bodies and make the best out of each training session. Consequently, after almost a year back in Bilbao I finally found the courage to accept Sergio´s invite to join him and some friends in a trail running session. And now… how do I regret not having joined before! We had an incredible session of 1.5 hours of nature, changes in rhythms, fresh air, good chat and laughs. It was the best way to start my Sunday and an unbeatable manner to have my first trail running experience.

Needless to say that Sergio, Jon and Aitor were extremely generous and patient with me and that makes things much easier. After this great first “trail trial” I am eager to join them as soon as time allows me to do so and to start improving my technique. Clearly, the modality has a new fan and I hope other Bilbao Open Tourism runners join us in future sessions!