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Paradise is called Valle del Bolintxu

That´s what I thought last Sunday, when my mate Sergio took me with two more friends to a place that I´ve never seen before, even if I been so close to it for several times. Actually, I´ve run there in the first Bilbao Mendi Trail, but I was so tired that I couldn´t appreciate the beauty of this place. I´m talking about Valle de Bolintxu, a little valley near Pagasarri, one of the three icons of Bilbao.

Pagasarri is a little 596 m. high in Bilbao, so hard to go up, where you can find so many roads to enjoy trail-running. I know it very well, or that´s what I thought at least. On Sunday, I saw a new face of this place.
As we started running by the side of a highway, suddenly we arrived to a little valley, so amazing! It´s really great when you discover a new spot so close to a place where you´ve been lots of times!

Narrow roads took us along meadows which have been embraced by rain for the last three months, so they showed us their greatest green colour; sun warmed us, and if we needed shadows, big trees were waiting for us in both sides of the road....
The only thing that I want to do now is to get back there and discover more lovely nooks. And I´m already getting ready for that moment. Moreover, tomorrow I´ll wake up early, and get there. I´ll try to run by the side of Bolintxu, the river that goes across the valley.

The only regret is that Valle del Bolintxu has been unattended for a long time, and now a days, the riverside is quite dirty. It´s necessary to realize that places like this are less common day by day, and we must take care of them, or we´ll lose the treasures that nature brings us...