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Some decades ago, video-cameras were invented, so people use to travel with them. After the trip, those long and funny videos were about to be shown at home to family and friends...but no way! They were too long and not so funny, so the best way to remember the trip were memories, and some pictures too.
But in Bilbao. Open Tourism, we decided to use videos as an unforgettable way to remember such a great experience. Ninety seconds are enough to gather the greatest moments of the running-tour that you choose. In order to do something beautiful and quick, we record the tour with a camera put in our head, and after that, we edit the video with some original effects. 
As we´re not professional tourist guides, our tours look more like a friendly meeting, were we try to show Bilbao in a professional way. And the fact of recording videos is more or less the same, so we´re not pro videographers, but we try to do something funny and at the same time "professional", enough for you to feel the same way you felt during the tour in Bilbao. 
The last thing we would like to do in this post is to highlight our promotional videos, which have been done in the same way we do with tours. Put a camera in the tour guide´s head (this time we also used a second camera for some shots), start running, and record the running session. Afterwards, we put some background music and gather the best moments. Finally, we get the result, so we can proudly show you this: