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When my running-pants started to fall...

I´m thin, very thin. And I´m also tall, very tall. The last one is the main reason to have started playing basketball when I was 13, and it was a very helpful attribute during my basketball player career. Just the opposite of the fact of being thin, which has supposed a big handicap for me when I had to face stronger players than me. And now that I´ve stopped playing basketball, and I´ve become something like a runner, what a big paradox! Being tall makes me trouble when I need to be zappy, but at the same time, being thin makes me double-quick.
 Well, at this point, I must say that I don´t need to take care of how I feed myself in order to keep in good shape. First of all, because running is good to keep fit, and also because in my case, all the proteins and hydrates that I eat are instantly burned. But I can´t disregard my feeding, as I´ve realized that I´ve lost some weight since I frequently run.
I´m about 1.97 m. tall and my weight is nearly 80 kg. I´ve always been out of scale in both aspects, but  I don´t want to be under that weight, because I think that it could be quite unhealthy. So now, I will ask you, lovely readers of our blog, to tell me some tips about a good feding for a (bad) runner. I guess I should increase the quantities of every food that I eat, but as I metabolize it so fast, I should eat nearly two elephants and a truck full of pasta! 

Another problem that I had while losing some weight is that when I´ve run with my mate Sergio (my brilliant writing-mate at this blog) during the last winter, my long running-pants used to start falling step by step, so I had to stop every 4 or 5 km. to tie them, which meant frustration for him. 
So please, help me with some tips about some kind of food which helps me keeping 80 kilos at least. Which eating habits would you reccomend in a case like this? More pasta? Maybe a Big Mac every week? Tell me and I´ll try! And by the way, you´ll do a big favor to Sergio, and we´ll have the chance to make non-stop long runs!