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Yes! That´s it, sightrunning rocks! As a runner, obviously, I can say nothing bad about this kind of tourism. I´ve practiced it, I do practice it, and I try to make people discover Bilbao by sightrunning tours. And there´s a lot of people like me, who forget about following a big group with a boring guide and prefer to see or show the main attractions in a town while having a run. Even getting lost becomes funny if you get to interesting spots! Anyway, there´s still a lot to do, as I sometimes hear people who say that this activity is just…stupid. So I think it´s time to change this situation, and become sightrunning-preachers!                                                                          

At this point, let me ask you for something: let´s build a post all together. I´ll give you the entrance, just a few arguments of myself, and I´ll ask you to add new ones. And as we share our posts in Facebook and Twitter, I´ll ask you another little favor: after adding a new argument in favor of sightrunning, share this post with three of your friends in the same way we do. Let´s see how many new sightrunners we gather!

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It´s my turn…I´ll give you three arguments, and I hope you´ll give me a lot more:

- Practice your favorite sport, while knowing a new place and also new people (your tourist guide, for example, or more sightrunners doing the same tour). Three great things done at the same time!

-If you wake up in the morning, and you do a run in the place you´re about to visit, you´ll know all of his interesting places, so in the afternoon you´ll be able to choose which of those places you want to know deeper and which ones put aside.

- If you travel for business, and you´re staying only two or three days in the town, sightrunning will take you on a large tour in a short time, and by the way, you´ll take out all the stress of work.

Now, it´s time for you dear readers…