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Letter to my Injury

Dear left-knee Injury,

It´s been a long time since we said goodbye to each other, and now that you´re back, old memories come to me again.

I still feel the same things that I felt the first time that we met. Every time that you´re with me, pessimism and insecurity are all that I feel. The beauty of the hills, and the hot of the sun, dissapear step by step, and you get closer to me, you embrace me in such a strong one has ever done so, and that´s why you´re so special.

Anyway, I´ll never give up, and I´ll keep on running, up to the mountains, and by the side of the river. Morning or evening, no matter what time it is, I know you´ll be ready to join me since I get out of home until I go back. But I have something to tell you, dear.

The way you come by my side, is the same I do with Passion. I embrace her...strongly stuck to her, hills are green, and the sun warms me up. She´s always there waiting for me, just as I do for her. And that´s the reason for me to say that I don´t want to see you anymore, and everytime that you come, my passion and me will fight you and banish you.

See you soon.

Ironically yours,