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Keep the faith now!

Life is like a CD with a lot of songs. Everyday, we look for the song that fixes best to our mood.
In my case, last couple of weeks "I´m waitin´on a sunny day" because, it´s rainning, but there ain´t no cloud in the sky. What I mean, is that I feel as if I had a big problem, even if it isn´t so bad. I´ve started to work, and that fact has brought a little disorder to my routine. Happy for it, but I hardly can find time for running. Rather than not having time for running, I can´t run when I really feel that I need to run. In order to keep in good shape, my last kilometres have been done not when I most prefered, and I think that´s the reason for what I feel a little lack of motivation for running. And I play the next song...
"Gimme some lovin" is what I tell to my running shoes these days! Usually when I run, I do it because my temperature is rising so I got my feet on the floor. But suddenly, last weeks I´ve felt a little less motivation than I use to have. Changes in my routine, and also being sick because of allergy can be two reasons for that fact. Sometimes, after a hard day nothing went too good, now we´re gonna relax just as everybody should. This means running! But oddly, running is not as relaxing as it used to be not so long ago.
I think I´m drowning, asphyxiated, I wanna break the spell, you´ve created...this is the song that I listen to when I run these days. I hardly find a good reason to run. But I know that it´ll squeeze the life out of me. Why? Well, let´s go to the next song...
"Keep the faith" is all I think; I´m not going to let my love turn to hate. Running is a "fire inside me", so I can´t run from what´s in my blood and I can´t hide. I´m not sad, or even worried for this loss of motivation. I´m going to keep on running, even if being tired, which is usually pleasant, feels really disgusting to me these days. Even if getting to the top of the mountain, doesn´t seem to be such a big price. Because in this lack of motivation, there are always great moments of fun. There´s nothing like going through the "Bilbao Greenbelt" circuit, stepping over mud, "running free"...and accidentally sitting down on the mud. There´s nothing like a friend who laughs on you for that situation. And there´s nothing like waiting for the next trail running session, hoping to see that friend falling down the same way you did...gotcha! I´ve just recovered my motivation!