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If we do it bad, please tell us!

As we told in our last post, on Saturday we had a couple of young belgian runners who booked a tour with us in Bilbao. The booking process was so easy, as we just had a telephone call looking forward to set the meeting. The tour, which is our goal, was about an hour long. And after that, we said goodbye in the door of their hotel. Job done. But today is Tuesday, and while I write these lines, I´m realizing that the process is still rolling.

This afternoon I´ve received an e-mail from Toon and Isabelle, the two clients that visited us on Saturday. They´ve told me that they found some nice bars in Bilbao, so they could enjoy the "lovely atmosphere among the mainly local people", and in Getxo, they had a great time in a terrace, which "in case of good weather, must be the best place in earth". This topic was the first in the e-mail, but the best was still to arrive.
Toon and Isabelle thought about how we´re dedicating so much time to Bilbao Open.Tourism, and we´re getting worse results than desired in exchange. At this point, they suggest to work on trying to introduce information about our tours everywhere: bars, hotels, metros...all done with flyers, posters and any kind of advertisements that we can imagine. To summarize, their suggesting a kind of model not only based in new technologies like Facebook or websites, but in getting close to potential clients.
Unfortunately, we haven´t had enough clientes to get a big feedback, but Toon and Isabellle are a great example of what we want and what we need.
As we´re still wearing the "L" in our backs, we need to learn lots of new things. Beggining with the tours, where we need to tell light but good information, it´s also necessary to accomodate to the clients rythm, or even know to make some stops so that nobody gets tired, and it´s possible to take a few shots or just speak in a relaxed way. And many of these things come with a good feedback.

A good feedback is when someone tells us how much they´ve enjoyed our tour, or when some client gives us ideas to improve our company, because they consider that our experience is worth it.  But even bad critics are possitive, because they show how things shouldn´t be done, so next time, we´ll try to improve those mistakes.
To end up this post, I´ll ask you for something: please, dear runners / clients, anytime that you come to Bilbao, don´t hesitate on telling us all the mistakes we do, and all the bad things we have. Those fails are just lessons which will bring us the complete knowledge about sightrunning, or a little piece at least, and will motivate us to keep on working with this experience!