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Buen Camino, Peregrino!

Last Saturday was a great day for Bilbao Open. Tourism. Two runners coming from Belgium booked a tour with us, so we went on running through St. James´ Way in Bilbao. Their names are Toon and Isabelle, a young couple spending a few days in the city, who brought us the chance to enjoy tourism and healthy habits at the same time.

It was Friday night when we got a message of a booked tour. It was the next morning when the clients chose to run in Bilbao, so we had a short and frenetic activity in that moment. FInally, after a call we decided to meet at 8.30 a.m. in the entrance of Arriaga Theatre. Our route was going to be St. James´ Way, and apart from all the great things we can see through it, we also appreciated the very typical rain in Bilbao.
First af all, we went to BegoƱa´s Basilica. That was the start of the tour, and after. we slowly went down to Casco Viejo, going around Santiago´s Cathedral, San Anton´s bridge, San Francisco...and we finished in Kobeta. In that place, our friends Toon and Isabel had a great view of Gran Bilbao. The day was cold and rainy, so we didn´t stop as long as we wanted, and had to go back again to their hotel. It was a 10 km. relaxing run, where only the slopes in Kobeta made the tour a little bit harder. But there´s a sentence that Toon perfectly pronounced, which is the perfect summary for the tour: "Buen Camino, Peregrino!"
Our couple enjoyed the tour so much, and for me, it was also a great experience which made me think about some things: it´s great to know that they came here to see how an industrial city has become, in a few years, a good reference for tourism. It´s also good to feel how they trusted local people to know the city in a different way, so that motivates us to work on being the best guides in the world! And the last thing I want to mention, is the great value of meeting new people, who wants to spend some time with you and share their points of view about many different topics, giving as a result a very nice conversation. All those things added to running, originated such a great moment!

As Toon said, they´ll need to come back to Bilbao, in order to have the chance of seeing Athletic de Bilbao playing in San Mames. I´m sure that the moment will arrive, also because they certainly had a great time In Bilbao.
See you soon Toon and Isabel!