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Come with us, dear tourists!

In the beggining of April, we had Toon and Isabelle with us. They came from Belgium, and we shared Bilbao with them in a nice circuit through St. James Way. And last Friday, it was Carmen and Vera who came from Amsterdam. They chose the "Modern Bilbao" circuit, and our guide Victor took them on a friendly run on the both sides of the river. This way, they could appreciate how the city has changed from an industrial looking to a modern and beautiful looking.

The new building and architecture of Bilbao wasn´t the only thing that Vera and Carmen knew about our city. Friday was a "grey" day, sometimes rainy, as usual in Bilbao. Afraid of getting wet, they told us that previously they did a sundance, and even if it didn´t work perfectly, rain stopped while they run.
It was also nice to see how our two friends were in good shape, so the flat circuit of "Modern Bilbao" was so easy for them. Actually, they felt good to make it a little bit longer to the old town.

We feel really happy to see how, step by step, Bilbao. Open Tourism grows. This month, it´s been so good for us, so we started it with Toon and Isabelle. Later, our blog reached 4000 visits, and finally, we´ve had two new friends running with us. This fact makes us earning confidence, so we´ll keep on with hard work!