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Beans or Lentils?

As a former basketball player, I´ve been always taking care of my eating habits. I used to train twice a week, plus weekend´s match. Those days, specially before the big effort, I always used to eat some pasta, rice, chicken…in order to get enough energy to play strong.  Feeding myself wrong, with less food than needed or with heavy meals induced me to small jumps, and low speed on the court. So my dear family suffered me, being somehow forced to eat the same meals as me those “special days”.

Last summer, when I decided to hang my basketball shoes and put on my Mizuno or Salomon, I did it because running is a great way to relax, so I didn´t want to compete, as I used to do with basketball. I run just for relax, when I get stressed, or bored, or when I need to feel free and alive. Because of that, I don´t take big care about meals. The only thing I take into account is to eat a banana and some chocolate a half an hour before running. That brings me enough energy to run for an hour or so.

But after this winter, which is been cold and rainy, I´ve started to worry about some aspect of how to feed before running. Legumes are really good in this time of the year. Served hot, with some sausage, bring you lots of good things, like iron, and they taste great! But when I have eaten them before running in the afternoon, those kilometers have been the most similar to being pregnant that I´ve ever felt. A very disgusting feeling of nearly-exploding-stomach has grown up on me each and every of those days.

At this point, I should tell that I use to run with a good friend of mine every Tuesday and Thursday. So getting back to the legumes topic, I must confess that I´m starting to fear my mother those running-days, when she prepares lunch. She does it with love, big love, always taking care of bringing us a great meal to enjoy. And I strongly appreciate that, of course. But yesterday, I was meeting my running-couple at 18 p.m. to do a little trail session. And as I suppose that you´re starting to imagine, at midday, my mother put some lentils in the pot. When I saw it, my face said everything and words weren´t needed. So that the situation resulted in the next conversation:

MUM – What´s happening? Don´t you want lentils for lunch?
ME – Well…even if I appreciate your good intention…the point is that I´m running this afternoon…and lentils are like plummet for my stomach…
MUM-Ok! Don´t worry! I can prepare some beans!
(At this point, my face was nearly to show even worse emotions to my mums proposition, so I stood sober and say…)
ME-No, don´t worry. Better if you keep on preparing some lentils…that will be fine…

In conclusion, and as I said before, running is just for relaxing, so I won´t take much care of my lunch before doing some kilometers anymore, apart from chocolate and bananas. And every time I run after eating legumes, when my stomach starts to churn, that will be my mum´s love. 

Therefore, I wish you have lots of legumes for lunch and big stomach churning while running!!